Cloud Backup



Local Storage

With our servers and data storage within local Data Centres in South Africa you can be guaranteed the fastest connections for performing backups and restores. You also have the option of doing “initial backup seeding” or Direct Restores directly from the server, bypassing the lengthy transfer times.


Safe & Secure

Your datant is secretly encrypted before it is transmitted to the server, ensuring that your data is completely safe from all access to tampering! You get to choose the encryption password and we never store it, so without the password your data is unreadable to anyone else. It is however, of vital important that you keep your password in a safe place.


Fully Automated

Just Install, set & forget. All backups run seamlessly in the background, every day, without you doing anything. Every day we send you a report so that you know its working.

Your data is transmitted over your internet connection to secure servers in our data centre. Business accounts are then replicated to a secondary server in a different location for added protection. Rest assured knowing that your data is safe from theft, fires, viruses and anything else that could cause a loss. There’s no long term contracts required, everything is month to month. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account, at any time, without any penalties. Our backup software works on any version of MS Windows as well as Mac OS X, and all Linux variants! We have a solution for everyone, whether it be a laptop, desktop, or server you are wanting to backup.

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